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#PdF11: Announcing This Year's PdF Google Fellows!

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, June 1 2011

We're pleased to announce this year's Personal Democracy Forum Google Fellows. Nine talented and experienced folks made the cut, out of what is always a very competitive pool of applicants. They are:

  • Adam Black, founder of, a bootstrapped web company that enables the massive over supply of internet bandwidth to be redistributed, so enabling the costs of access to be reduced, allowing millions globally to cross the digital divide with significant democratic ramifications at home and for the developing world.
  • Yahel Carmon, a web analytics architect for Blue State Digital, and builder of tools like Crowsdlistr, and an open source SMS app using Twilio and Google Election Center API to allow voters to text in their address and get back their polling station.
  • Sarah Drummond, director of Snook, a social innovation organization in Glasgow that focuses on transforming service delivery in Scotland, and founder of, an online feedback tool for the public to talk to the police and get a response.
  • Joshua Gee, new media director for Governor Deval Patrick's 2010 reelection campaign and a consultant for Alipes, a digital strategy and integration firm.
  • Eddie Geller, founder of the Open Source Democracy Foundation, a 501c4 that grew out his call in November 2010 on Reddit to form a political action committee to fight for net neutrality.
  • Carol Glenn, junior consultant at Pensarus, LLC and founder of Karmopolis, an online game designed to help nonprofit organizations engage their communities.
  • Erin Hofteig, founding partner with Middle Coast LLC, and former new media director for Media Matters.
  • Emily May, co-founder and executive director of Hollaback!, an anti-street-harassment organization. Hollaback! gives women, girls, and LGBTQ individuals an empowered, real-time response to street harassment that builds public awareness on why street harassment matters, and how it hurts.
  • Clemence Pene, PhD student in political science and member of the Laboratoire Théories du Politique (LabTop) at University Paris 8.
  • Trevor Timm, graduating student at New York Law School and creator and manager of the @WLLegal Twitter account, which reports and aggregates all the legal news about WikiLeaks and its impact on journalism.

Congratulations to you all and see you next week at #PdF11!