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Party switch earns Parker Griffith YouTube dispensation (Updated)

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, December 22 2009

Here's one way to get the political opposition to stop posting mean videos about you on the Internet: switch to their team. Politico's Ben Smith picks up on the fact that the National Republican Campaign Committee scrubbed its YouTube channel for ads against Alabama Representative Parker Griffith after he announced today that he's changing his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican, in part, said Griffith, because of his disagreement with how health care reform legislation has played out in Congress.

Of course, the Internet, she rarely forgets. At least one of the ads appears elsewhere online. In it, the NRCC ad creators loop audio of Griffith saying "We have nothing to fear from radical Islam" and "America's greatest enemy is America and its materialism." The second time the latter loop is used in the NRCC spot, it's shortened so that it appears as if the Huntsville-area representative is just saying that "America's greatest enemy is America." Presumably the newly-minted Republican won't have to worry about any new hard-hitting ad spots from the NRCC after today.

UPDATE: And Ben notes that warm words for Griffith go missing from the DCCC blog.