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One Day, One Planet: A How-To Guide to Orchestrating a Global Day of Action

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, November 4 2009

EchoDitto's Michael Silberman, a veteran of the Dean campaign who led its use of MeetUp, deconstructs the recent global day of action around the 350 ovement on climate change:

350 was more than just a day of action on climate change. It is rapidly becoming one of the great stories in the history of organizing. As more and more people access the tools to co-create, speak together, and self-organize, days of action like these are beginning to show us the tools and citizen leadership that will change organizing and non-profits in the same way that social media and citizen journalism transformed the news industry. For those who spend their careers at the nexus of grassroots community organizing, technology, and social change, this is quite simply as good as it gets -- at an unprecedented time of learning and change.

Worth a read for an inside look at how an online movement can put bodies in the streets.