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The 'One America' Angle to Gov Link Shrinking

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, April 22 2010

The blog of, the federal government's custom link shortener, points out one added plus to its existence that I'd missed in my write up yesterday. That's the fact that it potentially adds a layer of virtual unity to a United States government that is, in truth, made up of varied and dispersed bits. How so? By getting federal agencies and other government offices to use (which is by no means a completed conversion), you create a sort of portal onto all that government is doing, across the web. You can see which sources of government news and knowledge are gaining traction online, and where there are points of silence.

As the blog puts it, "Another benefit of is that it tracks clicks to gather real-time data about what's popular across government. This data will become more valuable as more agencies use and it will allow us to better gauge citizens' interests and needs. "

Case in point is something that Jed Sundwall, who has worked on the project, tweeted out last night. It was a link to a demo of a Facebook widget (seen, in part, above) that pulls together into one simple stream all the "" short links being shared on the platform.