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OMG! WARNING: Over the top, offensive humor!

BY Alan Rosenblatt | Sunday, May 11 2008

There seems to be no limit to the power of the people to use the internet to express themselves politically, artistically, ... you name it. Continuing in my emerging pattern of video show-n-tell, check out Hillary's Downfall. You can watch the video and vote on whether you find it offensive on this Democratic Underground post. I thought it was offensive, but I was laughing too hard to cast my vote.

Really, it is not for children or the feint of heart.

(NOTE: I had reservations linking directly to this video, so I have posted to an item that allows people to vote on whether it is offensive, as an extra filter. As I indicated in my opening sentence, this video shows that there is no limit to how citizens can use the internet to make political statements.)