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OFA Launching Listening Tours to "Reconnect, Reengage and Reenergize" Volunteers for Obama

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, April 14 2009

Organizing for America has begun hiring some state-level staff and is quietly beginning a series of "listening tours" aimed at engaging local volunteers, discussing the group's national program, and drafting state organizing plans. As some of the online invitations going out say, "The purpose of this tour is to reconnect, reengage, and reenergize volunteers to continue the mobilization of change started with President Obama’s campaign. We want to solicit feedback and comments from volunteers on the ground for moving OFA - [state] forward from both a statewide and local perspective. These events are a crucial part for laying the ground work needed to recreate a strong volunteer network designed to support President Obama and his broad agenda of change."

Events have been announced across Texas, where the new state director Luke Hayes will be running the show and about 500 people have RSVPed to 11 locales; across Michigan where nearly 600 people have RSVPed to more than a dozen events, chaired by Aletheia Henry; across New Mexico, where about 275 folks have signed up for meetings led by Luis Hernandez, the group’s state director; in Indiana, where nearly 700 people have signed up, including a whopping 230 inIndianapolis, IN; and across Iowa (about 275 RSVPs as of today), to name a few.

Clearly, Organizing for America is starting to move on the ground.

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