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Occupy Wall Street Inspires a Moneybomb

BY Miranda Neubauer | Wednesday, December 7 2011

Former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer hopes that his support for the Occupy Wall Street movement can translate into fundraising support with the launch of a moneybomb initiative, "$99,000 for the 99 percent," which his campaign announced earlier this week.

"We're excited to announce the $99,000 money bomb in honor of the 99% which will allow us to continue to expose the corruptive influence of money in politics and the abuses of Wall Street and K Street," said Carlos Sierra, Roemer's campaign manager, in a statement released earlier this week. Roemer does not accept PAC or special interest money, and donations are limited to $100 per individual.

The money raised over three days, beginning today and extending through Friday, will go to pay for advertising in New Hampshire. So far, according to the fundly page for the initiative, 10 donors have donated $327 of the $99,000 goal. Only two donors have given $100 and three have given $25. According to the Federal Election Commission, through the end of September, Roemer has altogether raised $233,181, with $46,111 cash on hand.

Another candidate with a long history outside the establishment political pack, Texas Rep. Ron Paul, is also organizing a moneybomb this week. His started Dec. 5th and is ending today, with a goal of $1 million for ad buys in Iowa and New Hampshire. According to his website, he has already raised $900,098 . He is also planning a Tea Party moneybomb on Dec. 16th.