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NYC Traffic Cop's Donut Run Ends Up on YouTube

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, June 21 2010

Daniel Halloran, a New York City councilmember from Queens, spotted a city traffic officer speeding through the legislator's district, lights flashing, while he talked on a cell phone. The ride ended when traffic agent Daniel Chu, perhaps one with a well-developed sense of irony, pulled up to a Dunkin' Donuts. (via CitizenTube) The cop wrote the councilmember a ticket for $165 for blocking the crosswalk outside the store, and the politician posted video footage of the incident on YouTube.

The councilmember is asking the city to review every ticket the traffic agent has written.

This is not nearly the first time that the humble cell phone camera or pocket-sized videotaping device has been called into service in Gotham's war against bad traffic behavior by public officials., a project of the New York City-based advocacy group Transportation Alternatives, keeps a documented tally of "official" city vehicles behaving in ways that the law and common urban decency says they shouldn't.