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The Numbers on Yesterday's Facebook'd Gavel Passing

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, January 6 2011

Speaker Boehner's office offers a peek behind the curtain at the traffic their streaming of yesterday's House swearing-in ceremony on Facebook got:

  • 680,001 - Total number of minutes our viewers watched the live stream of the opening session.
  • 42,849 - Total number of visits to the live stream player.
  • 16 - Average number of minutes a user watched the live stream.
  • 14,636 - Total number of unique visitors who joined us to watch the opening session.
  • 6,000+ - The number of new “Likes” of the Pledge to America Facebook Page – now nearly 13,000 total.

As Boehner's new media director Nick Schaper talks about in his post, one thing that jumps out is that average of how long people stuck around to watch the proceedings. "In an age where multiple media platforms aggressively compete for your time, the fact our visitors chose to spend on average 16 minutes watching yesterday's proceedings is quite a compliment." Though, if you're going to tune in to watch the passing of the gavel at all, you're probably a political geek of some degree of severity.

It's worth noting that all this traffic and attention is being driven to what's inarguably a partisan gathering point, the GOP's "Pledge to America" Facebook page. That's certainly not a sort of generic "U.S. House of Representatives" Facebook page, and it's also something somewhat different from a "U.S. House of Representatives Leadership" page. But that's a topic for another post.