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Now That's Viral Campaigning Mr. Edwards

BY Lynne d Johnson | Monday, July 23 2007

John Edwards has the most prominent text messaging campaign that I've seen in affect to date. From the onset of his candidacy announcement, he encouraged voters to join his campaign by texting in. Innovative and novel, yes. But initially it didn't work. There was no activity happening with his mobile messaging program. Activities were happening in Edwards's campaign that weren't crossing over to the text front.

At this stage, I have no idea how many people have signed up for the Edwards's SMS campaign, but even if it's just a handful, you've got to expect that they're hoping for some interaction in that realm.

And while things got off to a rocky start, in the past month or so, I've learned that I can count on my Edwards text updates to keep me involved in his campaign progress. I can even count on them to find out about his wife's health, or her call into CNN to address Ann Coulter about the comments she's been making about her husband.

The latest text came today, and it read:

"During tonight's debate @7pmET you can send John Edwards your questions. Reply to this txt with your question and watch his response on @ 9:15."

The mobile text campaign is hitting the public on two points of engagement. A message is sent requiring a reply, and then for follow up, one has to visit the Web site to view the responses. It's a full circle engagement strategy.

Right now, a visit to reveals a large promotion for a live Webcast with Edwards after the campaign. Also on the site, a Community Counts grassroots campaign to have the presidential candidates answer the questions you want answered, is in use. Now that's viral.