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Nordic Techpolitics in the aftermath of atrocities in Norway

BY Antonella Napolitano | Wednesday, July 27 2011

An update from PdF friend Bente Kalsnes on the organization of Nordic Techpolitics, a conference on how technology is changing politics and society in the Nordic countries. The event is organized in collaboration with PdF and will take place on September 2nd in Oslo.

Picture by Bente Kalsnes

"More openness, more democracy".
Those are the words Jens Stoltenberg used to answer how Norway would meet the terror attacks that hit Norway last Friday in Oslo and at Utøya.
They are incredibly beautiful and important words for us who cherish and work for transparency, democracy, humanity.
 More openness, more democracy are also the topics at Nordic Techpolitics that will take place in Oslo, September 2. When we planned and prepared for the conference this spring, we used words such as Transparency, Participation, Innovation, Collaboration.

Now, tragic events have made these principles urgent in the Nordic countries, known worldwide as open societies. The challenge for Norway and the Nordics (as well as other countries who share these principles) is how we can combine openness without being naïve and still stay secure.

Nordic Techpolitics is organized by, Friprog, IKT-Norge and MediArena in cooperation with Personal Democracy Forum.
Among our speakers are Rigmor Aasrud, Norway’s Minister of IT, who will talk about Norway’s Digital Agenda. Travelling from Iceland, we will also have PdF speaker Birgitta Jonsdottir who will explore the "Legalization" of Freedom of Information. Jonsdottir was the chief sponsor for IMMI – the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative, tasking successfully the Icelandic government to make Iceland a save haven for freedom of Information. She is now a chairperson for the International Modern Media Institute.

We will also have important speakers from outside Europe. In addition to PdF founder, Andrew Rasiej, Michael Klein is flying in from the US. Klein is the cofounder of Sunlight Foundation and he will give us a talk called "The ABC to transparency: The Sunlight Foundation - what, why and how".

Check the other confirmed speakers and make sure to get hold of your ticket by registering for Nordic Techpolitics now.

Hope to see you in Oslo!