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New Charts! A Partnership with TubeMogul

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, May 15 2007

TechPresident is proud to announce a partnership with TubeMogul, a new site that creates beautiful charts that make it easy to track and analyze online video. Although we've built our own charts that show the number of viewers and subscribers for each presidential candidate, we discovered that TubeMogul was providing much more dynamic and interesting charts showing the same information but with plenty of room for innovation, so today, we're replacing our charts with TubeMogul's custom-made charts. For now, they show mostly the same information as our older charts, except that rather than show the number of channel views (which, as you may remember, is problematic), they show the total number of views for each individual video, which we think is a more accurate number. Also, there's some added candy.

First, when you roll over the dots on the graphs (each dot represents a day) you'll see the cumulative number of views for each candidate up to that day. By default, the graph shows data from the last month; use the grey scrollbar at the bottom to view earlier data.

Second, in addition to charting the number of views for each "publisher" (the candidates, in TubeMogul's parlance), we're also using a separate chart that displays the number of views for each candidate who has participated in YouTube's Spotlight series; this is a quick way to see the effect Spotlight has had on the candidates.

Over the next few weeks and months our friends at TubeMogul will be adding an array of features to make these charts even more robust.

The new charts will live where the old ones did, here. You can find the old charts archived here.

We're quite pleased with these new charts; let us know what you think!