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MyBO Creator Launches Jumo

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, March 18 2010


Chris Hughes, whom you may remember from such hits as orchestrating the Obama campaign's groundbreaking internal social network MyBarackObama, took the lid off of his new startup this morning. The full-fledged effort won't launch until the fall. But we're getting a peek at what's next for a person who stands pretty squarely at that nexus of technology's start-up culture (including as a co-founder of Facebook) and the brutality of politics.

It's called Jumo. The tagline for the project is "Together in Concert," and the aim seems to be to build a platform that more easily connects people who want to do good with other people who want to do good, and all them with resources to make good possible:

We’re announcing today that we’re building an online platform to connect individuals and organizations working to change the world. We believe we can leverage the participatory web to foster long-term engagement with the issues and organizations that are relevant to each individual. Jumo has the potential to unlock a great deal of time, skills, and financial resources previously unavailable to organizations around the world.

It's a little fascinating how, after the Howard Dean campaign in 2004, we saw the web vets from that race run off and start web strategy start-ups. Now we're seeing Obama vets starting movements. By the way, Jumo's hiring. And you can follow along with the action on Twitter.