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My Opponent Steals Body Parts

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, February 1 2010

We're trying to find a tech-specific justification for posting this local TV spot. The web makes all elections national? You can't slip attack spots by on late night cable television anymore, because someone will find 'em and post 'em to YouTube? Whatever, it's just an amazing piece of campaign advertising, so we're indulging.

In the race for the coroner's post in New Orleans (yep, you read that right), Dr. Dwight McKenna is running an ad spot that portrays the sitting coroner as a Dr. Frankenstein, stealing body parts from that city's dead. "It's unconscionable," goes the ad. "Body parts sold out of the Orleans Parish coroner's office." And yes, for sure, Igor does make an appearance, holding up as an offering to Dr. Frankenstein what I think may well be a liver.

(via TPM)