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A Moscow Car Crash Has Bloggers Raging Against Special Treatment for Elites

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, March 12 2010

In Russia, bloggers are angrily rejecting the government's explanation of a car crash that killed a well-known Moscow doctor and another woman. (Hat tip, @KatrinaNation) In the wake of the crash, law enforcement officials blamed the two women, saying the drove their Citroen into on-coming traffic. Only thing is, a number of witnesses saw a black Mercedes swerve and hit the women's car -- a Mercedes that had a special license plate given to elites in Moscow and that happened to be driven by an executive with the Russian oil giant LUKoil. And that's tapping into anger over the special treatment that political and economic elites get in Moscow today.

Over on Global Voices, Alexey Sidorenko has the story of what happened next, beginning with the fact that "many people noticed how the official version of the road accident did not make any sense to start with."

In brief, Russian bloggers are poking hole's in the government's story, producing video mock-ups showing the implausibility of the government's explanation, organizing opposition, and making mashups that depict the LUKoil exec as a evil doer straight out of "South Park." Really, Sidorenko's full post is worth a read. Voice of America also has good coverage of this and other, similar car crashes in Russia.