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A Month and a Half of Barely Missed Emails

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, June 30 2010

Elena's Inbox edges a bit out of beta, now filled out with all of the White House emails received by the Supreme Court nominee in the batch released by the Clinton Library.

I took the occasion to search the Kagan email archives for "Internet," just for funsies. This popped up, dated January 13th, the year 1999, from what seems to be a Washington lawyer to several members of the White House staff:

Lots of apologies if you sent me an email in the last month. Due to a glitch in our office system, I was not receiving internet e-mails from December 1 until this week. Please resend any emails as I'm assured the problem is completely fixed. Thanks.

A reminder of the days when things weren't quite so Internet and email driven.