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Meg Whitman's Mock-Up FAIL

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, June 28 2010

An attempt to glean a little hipness from an Internet meme has landed Meg Whitman's (R) campaign for governor in some hot water.

FAIL Blog is angry that Whitman used a mocked-up screen shot of her challenger Jerry Brown's (D) face superimposed with a giant FAIL overlay. "We want to make it VERY clear that FAIL Blog nor the Cheezburger Network, reads a post on the site, "had any involvement or knowledge of the Whitman campaign use of a screenshot of FAIL Blog. In fact, the screenshot portrayed in the video never existed because the Whitman campaign faked the content within the screenshot. FAIL Blog or the Cheezburger Network has never been involved in any endorsement of any candidate or political party and do not plan to do so."

"We demand a written apology from the Whitman campaign," says the FAIL crew, in uncharacteristic seriousness, "and the removal of the video."

The idea of fail, of course, belongs to the Internet now. But the FAIL Blog still has a legitimate claim over the identity their site.