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McCaskill Responds to Bai

BY Nancy Scola | Saturday, May 9 2009

Claire McCaskill has an appropriately short and effectively sweet response to Matt Bai's disapproving take on Twitter's growing popularity in Washington politics. Hitting politicians for inane tweeting is something like pointing out that there's a lot of junk on the Internet. But McCaskill's using those tiny bursts of text, she says, to drive conversations in the directions she'd like to see them go. What's more, that obsessive itch of "I really should be tweeting this" is actually beneficial in McCaskill's case, because it reminds her to communicate on a human level with the Missourians she represents. Besides, she's having fun. "As I tweet about work and even the mundane parts of my life, " she writes, "I have a smile on my face." That's not nothing. The best politicians tend to be the ones who enjoy the gig the most.