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McCain Allies Ask, Who's the Luddite Now?

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, November 16 2009

James Richardson, former RNC e-campaign staffer, asks the somewhat obvious question in the face of Obama's "admission" -- truthful or otherwise -- that his thumbs are simply too dang large to allow him to type on his Blackberry. Were the Obama campaign ads that mocked John McCain as a tech-illiterate fogey really, really out of line? Whether or not you actually believed until now that Obama was the force behind the White House Twitter account, his reaction to the question about Twitter during a townhall in Shanghai draws an inevitable comparison between himself and how candidate McCain was framed during the course of the '08 general election. You might remember that, even at the time, one high-profile Democrat thought the that the Obama campaign's clip, called Still, was "terrible": a silver fox by the name of Joe Biden.

For whatever reason, Obama has on at least on a handful of occasions exhibited an overwhelming compulsion to hold himself out as dismissive of new technologies, even as he makes good use of them. Case in point, when he was asked during an online townhall about the potential economic impact of legalizing marijuana. He joked, "I don't know what this says about the online audience, but..." Why does he do it? Dunno.