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Live: iPhone Balloon Video Coverage of 150,000 Student Rally in Chile

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, June 30 2011

Our friend Felipe Heusser writes with a breaking development from the streets of Chile:

I am writing you guys from the streets of Santiago in the middle of a 150,000 students protest. We are live streaming from an iPhone using the balloon-mapping technique learned from our friends at the Public Laboratory. Signal is not that good, but please check it out now and tweet.

Video clips at Ustream

Public Laboratory, in case you need a reminder, has specialized in finding cool ways to cheaply map local areas using balloons and cameras. Now, in Chile, you can see how a similar citizen-led technique can be used to generate footage of political rallies. Add in the "Sukey" tool being built by folks in London to help demonstrators avoid police blockades and you've got an interesting new tool-set.

UPDATE [1:39pm ET]: If you are just tuning in and see an "off air" message, it could be because the iPhone's battery died; they're recharging.