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Live by the Facebook, Die by the Facebook: New Ad Targets Palin's Friends

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, August 25 2009

Greg Sargent notes that Americans United for Change, the labor-backed pro-health reform group, is going after Sarah Palin on her own turf. AUC is running an ad specifically targeted at Palin's considerable fan base on Facebook. Reads the ad, "Send Palin a Message: Health insurance reform is too important for outright lies. Send Sarah Palin a message; tell her to stop lying about 'death panels.'" Facebook was where Palin first made news with her talk of government "death panels" that would make decisions on who lives and who dies, and an AUC spokesperson told Sargent that the decision to call her out in that same medium was intentional: "To make sure a weed doesn't come back, you pull it up by its roots."