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The Life of O'Reilly: Sparking Conversations on Government-as-Platform

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, August 21 2009

ReadWriteWeb's Marshall Kirkpatrick has a quick profile of Tim O'Reilly -- publisher, convener, and a man with a plan to bring about an age of "government as a platform." Of late, O'Reilly has been actively working to pull together conversations between government and geeks, particularly of the West Coast variety. It's not as if those conversations were entirely missing from official Washington before. But in just a few short months O'Reilly has helped to create the assumption in both worlds that, to sound like Oprah for a moment, it's okay to talk.

Here's the profile. And here are details on O'Reilly's upcoming Gov 2.0 Summit. (Photo by Adam Tinworth under a Creative Commons license)