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Kundra Lays Out "Holistic View" for Government IT

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, March 6 2009

In geek quarters, Vivek Kundra's appointment to the new post of Chief Information Officer/e-Government Administrator of the United States is sparking hosannas and cries of joyful anticipation such as you've never heard before. But that's because Kundra's uttering things about government not often spoken by someone with the power to make them happen. O'Reilly's Tim O'Brien has clips and notes from a conference call in which Kundra hops from Facebook-style self-organizing to the Human Genome Project to intra-governmental collaboration via wiki. CNET's Stephanie Condon does a rundown on the appointment (in which the CIO is framed as sort of the alpha CIO responsible for leading the many CIOs scattered across government). And the Sunlight Foundation's Clay Johnson has a quick guide to the tenets of Kundraism: (1) using alternative market models to reduce cost, (2) data driven decisions, and (3) operational data is public data.