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It's My Jersey

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, September 15 2009

What with its organ-selling rabbis, New Jersey's corrupt political culture might make the Garden State the perfect place for using social media to capture populist fed-upness and channel it into a political campaign. At least, that's the hope of the Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie, challenging sitting governor Jon Corzine in a close race. Christie and running mate Kim Guadagno have just taken the wraps off of It's My NJ, a microsite separate and apart from their official, more traditional campaign site. In fact, mentions of the candidates on are few and far between. Hoping instead to capture that certain je ne sais Jersey, the site blends together YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, text, video, audio, photos and more from social media streams, combined with the work of nine "microbloggers" -- four students, three small business owners, a union steamfitter, and the Christie/Guadagno e-campaign director.