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It Worked.

BY Patrick Ruffini | Saturday, September 8 2007

Maybe Republicans aren't allergic to the Interwebs after all. If you give them a reason to go online, to signup and donate, in the form of a big event -- they will. What you see above is the surge of traffic to the day of his online-exclusive announcement.

I had voiced the concern that they were blowing it by announcing the announcement. While we'll never know what this chart would have looked like with a real surprise announcement, this does put him in the same general range as Hillary and Obama's announcement (factoring in residual ImWithFred traffic) and it beats the Sopranos (why would that be?).

We'll need to see how this holds up. It's an open question to me whether the Clinton and Obama announcements helped build them a stronger traffic base in the following months, with lasting benefits in terms of signups and money raised. Let's see if Fred's traffic settles back down to where it was before, or whether he reaches a new plateau.