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Iranian Doc Paints Neda as Part of Plot That Turned Against Her

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, January 8 2010

The real surprise is that it took them this long. PressTV, operated by the government-affiliated Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting company, has just run a documentary that alleges that the video that rocketed around YouTube and around the world which captured the June, 2009 death of Neda Agha Soltan was actually evidence of a double-dealing plot. According to the IRIB read of events released this week, Soltan was in on a scheme to fake her death, but that her co-conspirators turned on her and actually carried out the deed:

The documentary alleges that Arash Hejazi, the writer and physician who treated Neda as she lay bleeding on a Tehran street, as well as her music teacher who was with her at the protest, were members of a team that carried out the plot.

"While Neda is [pretending] she is injured and is lying on the back seat of the car on their lap, they bring out a handgun from their pockets," the documentary's narrator says.

"A handgun that they obtained from their Western and Iranian friends to water the tree of reforms and kill people and create divisions within society. Neda, for a moment, realizes their wicked plan and struggles to escape, but they quickly shoot her from behind.

"The narrator adds that this is how "deceived and deceitful" Neda was killed.

The graphic video of Soltan's death in the streets of Tehran has helped to catalyze anger against the Iranian regime, both in an out of Iran, so it's no wonder that they'd have in interest in coming up with some sort of alternative explanation to try to convince viewers that what they're seeing isn't actually what they're seeing.