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If You Liked That Bill...

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, May 28 2010

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is running online ads highlighting the logic of supporting both Bill Clinton and, in the Democratic run-off, Lt. Gov. Bill Halter -- despite the former president's endorsement of Halter's opponent Sen. Blanche Lincoln.

Bill Clinton is in Little Rock today stumping for Senator Blanche Lincoln in the run-up to Arkansas' June 8th Democratic primary run-off. TPM's Christina Bellantoni reports that the Progressive Change Campaign Committee has launched an online ad campaign attempting to turn the former President's endorsement into a strength for their preferred candidate, Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, by running the message, essentially, 'if you liked that Bill, you'll love this Bill.'

Convincing Arkansas voters that the PCCC -- which, for all its possible virtues, isn't a local Arkansas outfit -- that Clinton's endorsement of Lincoln is less important than Clinton's supposed shared characteristics with Halter isn't the easiest of sells. But PCCC has a backdoor way in. They're collecting testimonials from Arkansans, and linking the web ads to those homegrown attestations. "Bill Clinton was the right man for his time," reads one such note of support, attributed to Meredith Nisbet of Arkadelphia. "Now it is Halter's time. Now is when we need him in the US Senate."