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Ideas for Change Settles on a Top Ten

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, January 16 2009

DreamweaverAs I've mentioned in the past, techPresident partnered with on their Ideas for Change in America project, in which people voted for the priorities they'd most like the incoming Obama Administration to tackle. Final voting wrapped at midnight on the west coast last night, and winners have been named. These ten ideas that got the most votes will be partnered with participating non-profits, and the progress of their campaigns will be tracked documentary-style with the help of Participant Media. presented the top ten in the random order below, but we've added in the 2nd round vote totals pulled from each idea's page. Drumroll, please...

What do you make of the results? Of course, not the tough part begins: trying to turn these visions into concrete change. I propose some sort of face-off where the idea that becomes reality first wins a huge, huge cash prize. Of course, some of the winners are at an advantage. The DREAM Act, which sets up a path to residency for undocumented college students or military members, stands a decent chance of passage in an off election year. A Department of Peace is probably a harder sell, though Dennis Kucinich has been making a strong case for it for years.