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How You Know It's the Last Day of the Quarter

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, March 31 2010

Your email inbox looks like this:

  • John McCain: "Less than 24 hours until our deadline"
  • Bob Casey: "Deadline Tonight"
  • Ken Lewis: "Let's Finish The Job We Started"
  • Raj Goyle: "RE: We're close but not there yet!"
  • Alan Grayson: "Fighting for Life"
  • Barney Frank: "Palin's Tweets"
  • Donna Edwards: "Thank You.."
  • John Kerry: Fwd: "Insurance companies fight back"
  • Nancy Pelosi: "Judgment"

So on and so forth. You might wonder, why the rush? In some races, you might have the factor that financial disclosures give reporters an easy peg to write who's-up-who's-down stories. But over on the ActBlue blog, political director Nate Thames lets us in on a fundraiser's secret -- the race to the finish can be a gold mine:

Why do we all fundraise at the End of the Quarter? To people outside of the business it could seem like finance staffers are lazy... waiting until the last minute and then making up for it in a mad frenzy of fundraising reminiscent of cramming for that Biology 101 final your freshman year. The truth is that donors respond to urgency and the end of the quarter finance disclosures provide a convenient urgent deadline four times a year.

Advises Thames: "One email isn't enough! Once you have a goal, and people are donating, be sure to update your list on the goal's progress." So there will be more.