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How You Build a Bigger Base: Lessons from the DNC

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, October 13 2010

The Venn diagram between the audience of this blog and that of the DNC's Open.Dems blog shows an overlap the size of Texas. So you should probably give the DNC's geek's site a try, no matter your political bent. Over there, they're dribbling out some of their findings as they go about trying to regularly measure online politics. The latest tidbit found there is the Democrats' self-reporting on what social media techniques turn out to grow the DNC's online base the best:

For us, posting directly onto social networks is an important way to recruit new supporters and drive key actions. Below is a breakdown of how social networks are bringing in new supporters. There is a clear trend here when it comes to who signs up on our site: many more folks come in response to our social network posts, rather than through links shared by friends. The other clear trend is that Facebook is netting us the most new supporters. This is because Twitter has fewer users and possibly because many tweets are not read in a web-browser.

And by "netting us the most new supporters," they mean that Facebook posts take a 19% share of the increase of their website sign-ups compared to just 2.2% for Twitter posts. Another finding is that adding tweet and Facebook "like" buttons to their Commit to Vote page actually resulted in a slight decrease in conversions. Their conclusion: "[W]e shouldn’t hand you a megaphone before you sign on the dotted line." It'd be great to get more details in these posts, but they're still a tasty taste of what's happening behind the scenes. The rest is here.