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How to be a preditor

BY David All | Friday, September 21 2007

The greatest opportunity for a campaign/committee to make a difference on the trail is with online video. That's just commonsense, but there is at least one study out there on the subject which now confirms the importance of video.

With the rise of available and accessible distribution mechanisms, e.g., YouTube,, etc. there's no longer an excuse for a candidate not to appear early and often on our desktops talking about all of the issues we care about.

School choice. Broadband accessibility. Stem cell research. All the "long tail" issues we care about. Our Republican candidates need to be on camera, somewhere, talking about these issues. Why? Because someone, somewhere, cares about these issues. And when we're losing elections by less than 1 percent, we need the long tail voters now more than ever.

Enter people like me to the modern campaign. The rise of the "preditor," a term coined by my Democratic friend Phil de Vellis, a.k.a. ParkRidge47, the guy behind the famous, "Vote Different," anti-Hillary Clinton spot which made waves earlier this year on YouTube.

Quite simply, a preditor is an operative who is not only the producer/creative mind behind an ad, but also the editor. We produce and edit online videos. Some of it may go viral. Most of it won't. But who cares? The investment is worth it.

The tools of a preditor are widely available on our Macs and PCs: iMovie, Final Cut Express/Pro, and Windows MovieMaker. You can pick up an affordable camera at BestBuy which shoots well enough for YouTube quality. We understand the importance of good audio and lighting. We get it.

We're armed with cameras, macs, and a clever eye for creative messaging. And perhaps most importantly, we know how to use all the tools in our tool box which means a quick turnaround when time matters.

Now, I'm not saying that a candidate should replace their paid media message, their 30-second spots which run at the end of the campaign on network TV. But while the media firms are focusing on the top "messaging hits" from the benchmark poll which will move a lot of voters at once, we, the preditors, can start the bottom of the messaging pyramid...and talk to the people who have never had their issues addressed in a medium which is easy to digest.

We'll help win the campaign by winning one voter at a time.

Want to make a difference on the campaign trail? Set down your door-knocker pamphlets and pick up a MacBook Pro and a camera. You'll be a preditor before you know it.

[Cross-posted from TechRepublican.]