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Housekeeping, Chilean Edition

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, November 23 2010

Photo credit: Sebastian R.

The portion of team techPresident/PdF that was down in Chile the last several days for PdF LatAm has made its way back to the States but, frankly, we're a little tired. Blogging will plug along this week but at a slower pace than you're used to here at techPres. Thursday and Friday will be holiday days, in celebration of an event they have here in the U.S. called "Thanksgiving." But rest assured that come Monday, we'll we rest, ready, and back providing you that good bloggy coverage you've come to, we hope, enjoy.

To borrow a line from the flight back home, we know that you have many choices when you're doing your Internet reading, and we do apprecite that you do it with us.