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House Dems Get a New Media Space of Their Own

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, May 20 2010

Elements within the House Democratic caucus have been endeavoring for a while now to pull together a forum within which its members can share what they know when it comes to social media. No need to re-invent the savvy tweet stream. Rep. Mike Honda of California and Rep. Chellie Pingree of Maine have announced that they've just started up an official "New Media Working Group" within the Democratic Caucus, which is itself helmed by Rep. John Larson of Connecticut.

Three aims motivate the Democrats' new New Media Working Group, write Honda and Pingree. The first is supporting a belief in the "importance of an informed and engaged electorate." The second is, as hinted at above, giving members and staff a space in which to share best practices and ask everything that they've ever wanted to know about YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook but were afraid to ask. The third is creating a body that can engage with technology companies, so as to extract their assistance in figuring out how to use all these shiny tools.

This isn't a competition, but you might member that the House GOP itself formed a New Media Caucus in April last. And the House Republican Caucus as a whole has been engaged in an effort to gin up social media followers through spirited contest.