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Former Sunlighter Named FCC Data Director

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, June 30 2010

Sunlight Foundation vet Greg Elin has been named the Federal Communications Commission's first-ever "Chief Data Officer;" photo by Tom Gruber.

Some interesting job news, via our friends at Hillicon Alley: one-time Sunlight Foundation staffer Greg Elin is switching from his position as the Federal Communications Commission's associate managing director of new media to the FCC's brand new "Chief Data Officer" post.

Elin's new job puts him at the helm of the FCC's new Data Innovation Initiative announced by the commission yesterday. Said Chairman Julius Genachowski in a (PDF and Word only!) release, "The Data Innovation Initiative will accelerate the FCC's progress toward becoming a model for excellence in 21st century government. Building on the exemplary work of our strategy planning and new media teams, I expect that the data team will both streamline and open up our data processes, institutionalizing positive change at the FCC."

The FCC's decision to focus on collecting, share, and use more and better data is encouraging news for media reform advocates, as it's a bid by federal communications regulators to even out the balance of power between it and the telecom industry.