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First POST: Reckoning

BY Nick Judd | Friday, October 21 2011

  • British MP Tom Watson is expected to stir things up today at News Corp's first post-phone hacking shareholder's meeting. The BBC reports he says he plans to "make fresh allegations about malpractice by News Corp journalists."

  • A new look for Jon Huntsman's website that removes the layers of video and Facebook integration standing between users and the site itself. (Via Mike Allen)

  • Watch CapitolCamp 2011, an unconference at the New York State Senate for people in New York state and local government to talk about ways technology can change what they do.

  • The city of Los Angeles, Calif., is running into trouble with its attempt to move all city agencies to Google Apps. GovTech reports that Apps may not meet federal security standards for law enforcement.

  • Nextgov's Aliya Sternstein writes, "Federal agencies that fail to give website visitors the option to log on with outside credentials, such as their Gmail usernames and passwords, may lose funding."

  • The First Lady's first tweet. Dig up Joe Hagan's New York Magazine article from earlier this month for a look at how Twitter and the White House share publicity.

  • Rick Hasen points us to this Prop 8 news: Two groups that supported the California ballot measure that effectively outlawed same-sex marriage there, the AP reports, lost their fight to keep their campaign finance records public. The groups had previously argued that donors had been harassed after their names became available online.

  • China is fighting back against the U.S.'s formal request earlier this week for information about when and how U.S.-owned websites are blocked for Chinese Internet users. The AP reports that a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, responded to the move, said in part, "we oppose using Internet freedom as an excuse to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs." (via David Kravets)