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FEMA Gets a New Website

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, August 12 2010

I'm of the mind that -- given that redesigning and relaunching a government website from within the walls of the bureaucracy is often as heavy a lift as it would be to, say completing some sort of large-scale architectural project in a war zone -- each redesign of a government site should get its own few minutes in the public eye, and its own full-color screen shot. With that in mind, check out the brand-new, from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It's got that minimalist, blocky look that seems to be all the rage with web designers lately. Check it out.

FEMA Administrator Craig Fugute, whom we've spent some time chatting with in the past, describes the intention of the new site as placing "preparedness and disaster info front-and-center for the public."

One other bit of insight from Administrator Fugate, who came to the top job at FEMA not as the next step in a line of federal postings but as the natural evolution of his career as one of the country's most prominent disaster specialists: on the question of who tweets for him on the @CraigatFEMA account, Fugate explains that he answer is, "Me."

Bonus: Here's what looked like the last time the Wayback Machine grabbed a cached copy of it, back in October last.