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Favorite Videos of the Week: Hillary and the Political Thumb

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, May 16 2008

It’s Friday, and time to settle in and for some early morning tubin’. In our favorite videos of the week, we’re surprised by the winner of MoveOn’s Obama ad contest; Ralph Nader antagonizes Google; Hillary strikes a softer tone, and Hillary impressions continue to get big laughs.

5. Obamacan - Winner, Obama in 30 Seconds

The winner of MoveOn’s Obama in 30 Seconds contest, titled “Obamacan” and produced by David Gaw and Lance Mungia, is narrated by a Republican vet who, despite years of supporting Republican candidates, is throwing his weight behind Barack Obama. The video — a clear appeal to moderates choosing between Obama and John McCain, is a surprising winner. More than 390,000 views on YouTube.

4. The YouTube Interview: Ralph Nader

Earlier this week Ralph Nader showed up at the Google offices to talk about his presidential campaign. About 5 minutes into his talk, he says the Internet has been a “disappointment,” and then, “don’t get me going on the Internet.” He goes on to say that “it hasn’t shown much by way of mobilizing, except on Internet issues…” Keep watching; it gets worse. We’re perplexed as to why Nader bothered to go to Google, as he seems to have no idea what it is or represents. About 6,700 views on YouTube.

3. Thank You

A week after her Indiana victory and loss in North Carolina, Hillary Clinton posted a video with no clear intent other than to thank her supporters. Like other campaign communiques post-Indiana, the tone alternates between elegiac to defiant. Viewed about 7,600 times on YouTube.

2. Gotcha! Hillary Clinton Rehearsing Hand Gestures!

We’re big fans of Rosemary Watson’s Hillary Clinton impressions, and even though this video isn’t shiny and new, we missed it the first time around. This is hands-down the best Hillary impression we’ve ever seen. SNL, here’s your Amy Poehler replacement. More than 150,000 views on YouTube.

1. Hillary Clinton’s Sunset Blvd

Videoblogger and veritable YouTube star LisaNova produced a biting parody of Sunset Blvd starring Hillary Clinton as the faded film star. In her fantasy world, the stairs in Hillary’s home become the stairs in the White House, and an amateur interviewer becomes Anderson Cooper. It’s worth watching for LisaNova’s over-the-top, hammy acting alone. It’s also amazing that someone with a vast following on YouTube (nearly 100K subscribers) and well more than 6 million individual views, is beaming out an anti-Hillary parody. More than 200,000 views on YouTube.