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Facebook: Takedown of BP Boycott Page was Automated Error

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, June 30 2010

Facebook seems, frankly, to have stepped in it again. The company went and deleted a 700,000-member strong "Boycott BP" page. reports:

Facebook spokeswoman Annika Heinle said there was nothing sinister behind the move, and an automated system mistakenly flagged the page for removal.

"The administrative profile of the BP Boycott page was disabled by our automated systems, therefore removing all the content that had been created by the profile," a Facebook statement said. "After a manual review, we determined the profile was removed in error, and it now has been restored along with the page."

The missing page prompted a protest from Public Citizen, a nonprofit public interest group that has been promoting the boycott. It called the removal of the page irresponsible and said users should be given a better explanation.

Perhaps none too soon, Facebook has hired away National Economic Council chief of Staff Marne Levine to cover global public policy in DC.