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"Facebook Guy's" Thoughts on Campaigning

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, November 5 2009

The Hill's Kim Hart has the story on Facebook's run for attorney general in California. Okay, so technically, it's Facebook's Chief Privacy Officer Chris Kelly who is in the race, but Kelly concedes that he's well known as "the Facebook guy." His website is, as Hart notes, awfully Facebooky. And as the company's point person on privacy (and a public face for an industry that didn't even really exist a decade ago), he's been working with attorneys general in all fifty states -- putting him in a good position to know both sides of the policy debate on some of the more cutting edge issues a California attorney general is likely to face.

That said, Kelly says that he hasn't really embraced the idea of integrating the social tools he knows well and the digital megaphones he has before him into his statewide race. "You have to appreciate," Kelly told Hart, "that the cadence of a campaign is just important online as it is off."