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ElectionMall and Microsoft Team Up for 2010

BY Nick Judd | Friday, June 4 2010

At Personal Democracy Forum 2010, ElectionMall and Microsoft announced that they have formed a strategic partnership.

This means that ElectionMall's campaign software — which is sold a la carte and priced to be affordable to very small campaigns — is now part of Microsoft's CampaignReady suite. CampaignReady has been visible for a while, but prior to the ElectionMall announcement, it was more of a bundle of products Microsoft already has — CRM, CMS, and its Azure cloud computing platform — explained for a political audience.

ElectionMall CEO Ravi Singh explained this also gives ElectionMall access to the teams building technologies ElectionMall already uses — it's built on ASP and .NET, for example.

This is a continuation of a steady move by Microsoft into the political space. Microsoft announced CampaignReady and Microsoft TownHall, a sort of policy-idea-crowdsourcing platform, in April.