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The Election According to Foursquare

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, November 2 2010

Remember the Foursquare election day hub we talked about last week? Well, it's been unlocked. Meet As people around the country go vote, and let the geo-social service know about it, the site will keep tabs on the action. The polls have been open for just a few hours in some parts of the country, and they're tracking more than 6,700 check-ins already from more than 4,000 polling places. From the Foursquare blog:

Today, to help you remember to vote, we’ve loaded over 100,000 voting locations into the foursquare venue database. When you check in at one (they’re all called ‘voting location’), you’ll unlock an ‘I Voted’ badge. (And for absentee or mailed votes, you can unlock the badge by checking in somewhere and shouting “I Voted.”)

When you’ve done that, swing by to watch America vote in real-time throughout the day, with all the check-in data from polling stations across the country. Navigate the map to see where foursquare voter turnout is happening, and all the details about how and where our country performs its civic duty.

The hashtag that Foursquare is promoting and that people seem to be rallying around is #Ivoted, and you can dip into the resulting stream here.