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DNC Drops Millions on Online Mobilization Ads

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, November 1 2010

The Democratic National Committee says that it's put a healthy $2.5 million on online ads in the homestretch, reports Ben Smith:

A DNC spokeswoman, Lynda Tran, says the committee has launched a giant, last-minute online ad buy, blanketing the web with $2.5 million worth of online ads -- I think the largest online ad buy anyone has made this cycle.

The buy includes Hulu (above), the music service Pandora (below) [click through for the visuals], Facebook, local newspaper sites, black and Hispanic online communities, and ads that allow you to enter your address and find a polling site without leaving the page.

The Democratic Party isn't the only outfit looking for creative niches to place their online ads in as we tick towards election day. Running on my at the moment is an animated ad (screenshot) for Andrew Cuomo's gubernatorial campaign here in New York.