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Didja Feel That?!: Mapping the DC Quake

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, July 16 2010

The Washington Post is experimenting with crowdsourcing reports of the magnitude 3.6 earthquake that hit the DC area in the 5am hour, centered in Montgomery County. And it is an experiment. WaPo's Local section is asking folks to plot their location on a Google map if they happened to feel something shake near them, in a bid, it seems, to measure the extent of the quake. But, they report, the cobbled together method isn't without its problems. "It appears Google may limit the number of placemarks allowed," notes the Post. "We're investigating a way to keep the map going."

Making use of Google Maps' commenting feature, folks are leaving their impressions of the early morning shake-up call. Described one commenter in Fairfax Station, "Vibrated like a low-flying helicopter."