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Dems Release Voter Reg Widget

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, July 14 2010

Participants in the DNC's online voter registration drive get their choice of buttons.

Here's a followup to this post about the Democrat National Committee's online voter registration push, announced about a month ago. The DNC has published its Raise Your Vote widget, designed to let state Democratic parties, Democratic campaigns, bloggers, progressive groups, and whomever else, really, participate in a distributed effort to drive up Democratic registrations in preparation for the mid-term elections in November.

Worth noting is the data-sharing component to all this. One a website is connected to Raise Your Vote, either via the embeddable widget or a simple button, anyone who registers to vote through that site is entered into the DNC's database. That makes the DNC happy, of course. But there are some benefits for hosts too. For one thing, they get streamlined voter registration gizmo that someone else is responsible for managing. But for another, all that information -- the names and other details on new voters -- is also accessible to the party, campaign, blogger, and so on, via a dashboard on, as well as downloadable in CSV format. Nice for anyone looking to organize on the left side of the spectrum.

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