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Democrats, the Logos

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, September 15 2010

The Democratic Party has re-branded, with a re-launch of this morning that features a new logo, new color palette, and blocky new minimalist design, all intended, according to the Democratic National Committee, to come together into "a home for powerful tools that will empower Democrats across the country to connect with one another and with the party." (Here's a thumbnail of how the site looked recently, pre-rebranding.)

I'll have more details on the redesign in a bit, promise. But for now, give the site a good poke around. There's clearly some inspiration that's been taken from the '08 Obama campaign's crisp and clean design identity. Which leads into one tiny little element I want to draw your attention to.

Tucked at the footer of each page on the new Democratic site is this:

On the left, of course, is the Democrats' new logo, in the spirit of '50s Swiss design that evokes everything from the New York City subway's iconic signage to Target's branding to, at least in my mind, the ACORN logo. On the right is a pared down version of the seal for Organizing for America, as it was for Obama for America.

Not to make too much out of the DNC's design choices here, but there's some implicit response in the pairing to what has always been fuzziness about just what is the Democratic National Committee/Democratic Party and what's Organizing for America, beyond the 2012 Obama re-election campaign. The co-equal logos are one way to give the Democratic Party and OFA a bit of parity while maintaining them as separate identities -- two brands, each with their own spirits, but existing complementarily in the same universe of ideas.