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Democracy for America Poll Results

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, November 6 2007

Democracy for America, the organizing network that grew out of the ashes of the Dean campaign, has announced the results of its "Pulse Poll" on the Democratic presidential race. With more than 150,000 votes cast, the winner is Dennis Kucinich, with 49,000. He did not get the 66% required to get DfA's endorsement, however.

The internal results of the poll, which was open to anyone who registered on DfA's site but was intended to mainly draw in progressive Democrats, are pretty interesting, especially because the group asked people to make up to three choices and to rank them in order. So, for example, you can take the 38,000+ write-in votes that went to Al Gore (25% of the total cast), and see how the poll results shift. Kucinich's total goes from 32% to 36%, while John Edwards goes from 15.5% to 23.5% and Barack Obama gains 14% to 18.5%.

DfA also reports on how its core activists, the organizers who help run an active community of 760 groups that meet monthly all over America. These DfA organizers broke heavily for Edwards, with 42% of the vote, followed by Obama at 20% and Kucinich at 17%. Among the 52,000 people who are members of DFA-Link, the group's lively social network, Edwards also topped the field with 32% followed by Kucinich and Obama. These results suggest that the main corps of DFA activists--many of whom cut their teeth with Howard Dean in 2004--are strongly for Edwards (a result not dissimilar from the monthly polls of netroots support on DailyKos).

You can also slice and dice the numbers by state (kudos to DFA for producing such a dynamic data display). In Iowa, after you subtract the Gore votes, Kucinich, Edwards and Obama are locked in a dead heat at 24-25% each; in New Hampshire Kucinich garners about 36% compared to 19.5% for Edwards and Obama.

Is MoveOn going to ever finish its own endorsement process? Will it matter?