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Defense Contracting, the Quick and Easy Way

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, April 7 2009


The site might be a few months old, but it's new to us. The Department of Defense has launched Defense Solutions, an idea-collecting site that lets outsiders into the DOD long enough, at least, to suggest a bright idea. (via Noel Dickover) Ideas that the Pentagon likes might just get rolled over into an actual contract. (DOD takes pains to note that any information submitted through gets the same "protection from public disclosure or unauthorized use" as any other proposal submitted to the department.) The particularly attractive part with those of use brimming with bright ideas? DOD promises that their technical experts will deem your idea brilliant or stupid in 30 days or fewer. Come up with a clever enough plan, and you might be enjoying a lucrative defense contract in under a month. It's a pilot project, so there's just one "theme" at a time. Currently up: Battlefield Forensics. Put your thinking caps on.