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Daily Digest | Tracking OFA's Pledge Project Canvass

BY Editors | Monday, March 23 2009

  • Participatory Government's Growing Pains? Evolving from Direct Democracy to Citizen Lobbying Apps for Democracy, the programming contest that may well have put Vivek Kundra within spitting distance of the Oval Office, is talked about as one of the success stories of Internet-enabled participatory democracy. And so it was natural that it spawned Apps for America, a contest launched by the Sunlight Foundation's Sunlight Labs. Give Americans good, clean, timely government data and some not negligible financial incentive -- the thinking goes -- and the product of their work can extend the usefulness of government for the rest of us. Read more.
  • Tracking OFA's Pledge Project Canvass Organizing for America rolled out its "Pledge Project Canvass" this past weekend, and reports about 1200 groups went door-knocking across the country seeking signatures in support of President Obama's budget priorities. Considering that OFA boasted somewhere between three and four thousand house parties back in December, when the Obama campaign was gathering information from grass-roots activists about what they wanted to do next, this is a significant drop-off. Read more.
  • WaPo Widget Captures the Plodding Pace of Administration Appointments Check out this new Washington Post widget on Obama Administration appointments, tracking the 486 Senate-approved positions the new president has to fill. Just 6.7% of the jobs, notes the widget, have been filled thus far. Read more.
  • ALERT: White House seeking applicants for New Media directors In November, Matthew Burton wrote that the new administration might call upon the tech community to help improve government, and that if they gave us the opportunity, we would have to make good on it. That opportunity is here. Read more.
  • Obama Takes to YouTube to Deliver His Nowruz Message to Iran(ians) President Barack Obama managed to pack into a three-and-a-half-minute YouTube video clip both well-wishes to Iranians marking the celebration of Nowruz and the extension of a semi-open hand to Iran's leaders -- deriding "threats" but offering up hope for "engagement that is honest and grounded in mutual respect." (The White House makes plain on YouTube that the clip is in the public domain. What's Farsi for "Forward this, please!"?) Read more.
  • The power of serendipitous findability Micah asks, how many of you get twitchy when you can’t check your email or your mobile or your Twitter or Facebook account? How many of you have ever experienced losing your device, or had to send it away for repair? It feels like a lost limb, no? Well, that twitch makes Micah optimistic about the future. Why? Read more.