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Daily Digest | Texas Tops in Online Openness

BY Editors | Tuesday, March 17 2009

  • Sunshine Week Report: Texas Tops in Online Openness While you can make a good living poking fun at the Texas legislature (just ask the late, great Molly Ivins), apparently the great state of Texas can claim one serious distinction: According to a new survey of state government information online, released for the start of Sunshine Week, Texas is the only state to provide information in twenty key categories. Read more.
  • Let Vivek Kundra Do His Job Micah makes a case for Vivek Kundra to return to his post as federal Chief Information Officer, which he's taken a leave from following an FBI investigation that resulted in the arrest last Thursday of a mid-level staffer from the DC Office of the CTO (OCTO) on corruption charges. Read more.
  • Must Reading on the Future of Newspapers Don't miss Clay Shirky and Steven Johnson's latest ruminations on the future of journalism and the fate of newspapers; they will clear your head (if it isn't already) about how technology is driving change in this vital arena. Read more.
  • Facebook's 'Truman Show' Democracy Read Micah Sifry and Andrew Rasiej's latest Politics 2.0 column, which ran in the Politico last Thursday... If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s seventh biggest in terms of population. In terms of the amount of attention it draws daily from its 175 million members — roughly 20 to 30 minutes on average spent updating their profiles, reading about their friends, playing games and sharing news — Facebook could easily power a midsize economy. Read more.
  • Coming to SxSW? Join Our Core Conversation Monday at 3:30 at the South by Southwest Interactive conference, Nancy Scola and Sarah Granger will be facilitating a Core Conversation entitled " 2.0: Upgrading to Open Source Government." They'll be providing an overview of the concepts behind employing open source principles to government through technology and how the new administration is running with their campaign promise to improve government transparency online. Read more.
  • Housekeeping Note: On a Break Nancy takes a week off to do her best "Carmen Sandiego" impression: she'll be speaking at SxSW to co-moderate a discussion on open government with tP contributor Sarah Granger and then she's off to Berlin for a short talk on collaboration within the context of the Obama campaign and early administration. Read more.