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Daily Digest: OMG BRK OBMA TXTS 4 VP

BY Joshua Sherman | Monday, August 11 2008

The Candidates on the Web

  • TXT 4 VP LOL: The Washington Post’s Jose Antonio Vargas reports that the Obama campaign will announce his vice presidential nominee via a cell phone text message sometime before the Democratic National Convention. The Obama campaign sent out an invitation last night via e-mail and text message to its supporters to participate in this revolutionary form of announcement. Vargas notes three things: “the casual reference to the candidate ("Barack"); the call to "forward" the text (to friends, relatives, etc.); the perceived personal appeal of being "the first to know"; and the timing -- the text was sent two weeks before the Democratic National Convention kicks off. That gives plenty of time for the text to be passed around.” Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) of the New York Times asked on Twitter if it was smart or silly and the response has been mixed. Jeff Jarvis thinks it’s silly while Adam Mordecai of Advomatic, Todd Ziegler of Bivings ,and techPresident editor Micah Sifry think it’s smart. #

  • Epic Pwnage? The Obama Campaign’s “Fact Check” division released a response to McCain’s “Family “ attack ad. The video is over three minutes long, has horrible sound quality (I had to use my earphones), and has not amassed many views (just over 65,000). The video, however, strangely benefits from the lack of quality – it really feels like you are sitting down with Brian Deese, Obama’s deputy economic policy director. Though the story has done well on Digg, but I don’t know if I would call this “EPIC PWNAGE.” #

  • The Celebrity Game: The Obama campaign released “Embrace,” their ad response to “Celebrity,” McCain’s biggest YouTube hit so far. The ad accuses McCain of being “Washington’s biggest celebrity”, therefore not only hitting right back on the celebrity charge but connecting McCain with Washington (old politics, broken system, etc.). The ad starts with John McCain walking on to the Late Show with David Letterman, appearing on The View, then hugging George W. Bush. Though the ad acknowledges the sting that must have been felt by the Obama campaign, the ad is effective and uses a much different tone from McCain’s ad. We'll be keeping an eye on "Embrace"'s viewership, to see if it can top McCain's Celebrity views. #

The Web on the Candidates

  • Cybergenic? Maybe Not: The Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik responds to Paul Saffo's recent column on about "Obama's 'cybergenic' edge." Zurawik asks “Is Obama the first ‘cybergenic’ candidate?” Zurawik challenges the idea that Obama is to new media what FDR and JFK were to radio and t.v., respectively. While Zurawik acknowledges Obama’s extensive use of new media, he says “follow the money.” The record spending on Olympics advertising suggests that T.V. is still king. #

  • How Will McCain Announce His VP 2.0? The Next Right’s Patrick Ruffini offers a strategy for John McCain’s VP announcement to compete with the Obama campaign’s VP text plan. Ruffini writes the McCain campaign should email 100 supporters selected at random an hour before the official announcement. This not only would enable the campaign to make a strong push to collect e-mail addresses, the 100 people selected would get to feel like “real insiders.” The question is, does McCain want to get baited into a battle of new media? #

  • So Long, Mr. Haircut: The blogs have been chatting away on John Edwards (check our charts). Ruby Sinreich writes a nice little piece that reflects the betrayal his supporters feel and the relief that he is not a presidential candidate. She believes that his decision to play both sides after he stepped out of the race reflects an ego-driven politician’s purely self-serving attitude. #

  • Barack Roll: Oh, and Barack gets Rick Rolled (or did Rick Astley get Barack Rolled?) Thanks to the inimitable Hugh Atkin. #

TechCongress and Beyond

  • Astroturf Story #2: Open Left’s Matt Stoller goes on a lengthy diatribe over the Drill Here, Drill Now #dontgo campaign. He had posted just days before on how the campaign is hardly grassroots because it was launched by Newt Gingrich (another “Astroturf” campaign!) and today is responding to blogger and “grassroots activist” Eric Odom who was disturbed by this claim. Odom extols the campaigns 10,000 e-mail list, Stoller is unimpressed.#


In Case You Haven't Noticed...

President Bush has been busy at the Beijing Olympics, and YouTubers have noticed. He apparently had time to visit with the women's beach volleyball team. Here it is, your moment of Zen. #